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Michael Martin is pictured with a first place award in Mathews, VA.

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     What would you do if you saw someone drop a hundred-dollar bill? Would you keep it or return it to the owner? Follow one girl as she chooses to keep the money and soon finds that one bad decision can lead to a world of trouble. Find out if she is able to brave an exotic new land, examine her choices, and find her way home. Discover whether or not finders are always keepers. Type your paragraph here.

Create a lasting keepsake that can be treasured while raising money for your church or organization. Learn how you can have Michael create fine art prints of your church or historic structure. Simply fill out the form below for more information.


Michael provides a free consultation with churches or organizations within a 30 mile radius of St. Stephens Church, VA. He charges .20 cents per mile for jobs beyond a 30 mile radius for travel expenses.

-Groups committing to 20 prints receive $5 per print. (8X10 inch or 5x7 inch offset black and white offset prints)

-Groups committing to 30 of the  5x7 inch black and white offset prints receive $7.50 per print.

-Groups committing to 50 of the 8x10 inch black and white offset prints receive $10 per print sold.

-These are limited edition prints and will be signed and numbered by the artist.

-There will be no charge for time spent in art creation, and the artist will retain the original work of art unless there is a desire to purchase the original drawing as well.

I endeavor to create high quality images that realistically depict the world surrounding us. My goal is to provide exceptional value and quality prints, while delivering customer satisfaction.​ 


The sticks appears biweekly in the Country Courier Newspaper. 

The Sticks looks for the humor in life's joys and trials.  Like it on Facebook and be sure to check out the latest comic in the Courier and like The Sticks Comic Strip on Facebook!

Children's Book by Michael Martin

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